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Gradeability, Startability, average speed, load requirements, terrain, and even tire size to name a few all impact rear-axle requirements. F two-wheel drive? A fleet with 10 trucks might have 10 distinctly different duty cycles, from continuously pulling load at grade to driving unladen on flat ground all day. Heavy loads typically need a bigger gear, while an unladen truck on flats might be better suited for a lower ratio.

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F Super Duty offers a wide variety of rear ends, from a 3. Why are we offering less options? We wanted to simplify the truck-buying process for our customers.

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Our talented team of engineers understand how to fully optimize our trucks by considering engine capabilities, transmission gear ratios, tire sizes, and more. See chart below. Ram: We are using the same 8-speed transmission with upgraded components. Although we did add the new eTorque mild hybrid system to the V6 standard and V8 optional, the optional gear sets are the same.

Is it one of the more important options? Ram: Ram Commercial customers can spec a truck for its purpose. If the truck spends most of its days running delivery routes with a medium payload then a lower numerical gear ratio is preferred.

It will keep the engine RPM lower and reduce fuel consumption. Adding eTorque further improves efficiency. For trucks that tow heavy loads every day, a higher numerical gear ratio increases the trucks capability by giving the engine additional leverage to the tires. Ram: No other automobile offers more options on a single platform than pickups. Customers also can opted for a limited slip differential, locker or open. For the Ram the most popular ratio is a For the Ram , manual 6 speed ; , 5. Your email address will not be published.

Please wait while you are being authenticated Reach him at tomquimby randallreilly. A variation of the Dana 60 known as a Dana 61 was made to accommodate gear ratios that allowed for better fuel mileage. This was done as a direct result of the oil crisis. To allow for the different gearing, the Dana 61 had a greater pinion offset.

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This offset meant that a different carrier and a different ring and pinion had to be used. Dodge Cummins pickups from the "First Generation" that are not equipped with an overdrive transmission commonly have the 3.

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Although 3. Dana 61 external case is similar to Dana 60 HD in its use of dual ribbing: a reinforcement truss extends from the tube all the way around the differential case, in addition to raised cover flange. Some Dana 61s shared a common carrier with the Dana 60 part x, [2] which means the gearsets 3. Dana differential case [3] 3.

The x carrier can be purchased relatively inexpensively and used to install lower gears in a Dana 61 axle, such as when replacing a broken or damaged Dana 60 with a Dana 61 while retaining the factory gear ratio. The Dana 53 first appeared in the late s and is much like a Dana Although all Dana 53s are semi-floating, rear axles, 9.

The Dana 53 was phased out in the late s, replaced by the Dana International Harvester. Dana 60 is known as a Salisbury 60 in the UK.

Chevy Dropped Axles | Dropped Axles

Land Rover Salisbury axles are compatible with some but not all parts related to their American counterparts, including differential covers, bearings, and some shafts. Many Land Rover applications used 10 or 24 spline shafts. Defender applications were a right-hand drop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section needs expansion.

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