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Also, always being accessible to the taxpayers, knowing I am just a call a way, that is why I provide my cell number to everyone Finally, I want to leave a tract record of fair and accurate assessments for all, with a passion to leave this office far better than the day I entered into it. Never divorced. A true believer in a single lifestyle. Many real estate appraisal courses. What do you see as the top three issues in this race? Based on local printed business media, there are sales of properties that when compared to the Duval County Property Appraiser's Office assessment, it is my opinion that it appears that some properties are woefully under assessed, creating tax inequities, costing the City of Jacksonville Duval County millions of dollars.

It appears that this lost revenue to the City could have been used toward more police protection, creating more higher paying jobs, education, upgrade infrastructure, fix road pot holes, extend library hours, and provide more services for the citizens.

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Kurt Kraft has over 33 years of appraisal experience. Since my opponent, Jerry Holland, Property Appraiser, his office for about the last three 3 years, has been investigated by five 5 separate agencies.

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Kurt Kraft, as your next Property Appraiser, will follow the law, and restore trust and accountability to that office. The parking garage is connected to the Property Appraiser's Office. Kurt Kraft will put in 40 hour plus work weeks, to provide leadership to get the job done. This field indicates the just value of only the portion of the property that is subject to the Save Our Homes assessment increase limitation s.

This field indicates assessed value for school district assessments.

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School and non-school assessed value may differ if a parcel is subject to assessment limitations that are not applicable to school district assessments. These include the 10 percent assessment increase limitation on non-homestead property and locally-adopted assessment limitations on high-water recharge property and historic property used for commercial or non-profit purposes.

This field contains the total assessed value for non-school district assessment purposes. School and non-school district assessed value may differ if a parcel is subject to assessment limitations applicable only to non-school district assessments. This field indicates the assessed value of only the portion of the property that is subject to the Save Our Homes assessment increase limitation s. This field contains the taxable value for school purposes, which is based on school assessed value.

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This field indicates the taxable value for county purposes, which is based on non-school district assessed value field Only exemptions adopted by municipalities are not applicable to the county's taxable value. This field contains the just value of only the portion of the parcel that is classified as agricultural. Mail Zip Code. If a county changes its parcel identification numbering system the previous number is put in the Alternate Key field. Remaining 4 characters are the 2 digit month and 2 digit year of occurrence.

This field contains the equivalent square footage of the site. The entries in this field appear as whole numbers and are not necessarily the basis of land valuation by the county. An entry is required for all property except condominiums, cooperatives, and homeowners associations property.

This field contains a code denoting the general overall construction class of the predominate structure s on the property. An entry is required for all improved commercial, industrial, governmental, and institutional property. This field will be blank if not applicable. This field will be blank if fewer than two current sales are posted to the parcel. This field contains a code indicating the parcel's neighborhood.

Property appraisers may assign neighborhood codes. This field is left blank if the property appraiser has not established neighborhood codes. Taxing Authority Code - first two digits indicate municipality where parcel located. This field identifies the parcel's U. Census Block Group and related information. If a parcel is located in multiple block groups, the field identifies the block group of the center of the parcel. The MGRS provides a means to represent any location on the surface of the Earth using an alphanumeric string.


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The MGRS is used for the entire earth. Others shall be given an Institutional classification Miscellaneous Residential migrant camps, boarding homes, etc. Data set has been visually inspected by GeoPlan. GeoPlan relied on the integrity of the attribute information within the original data. This data is provided 'as is' and its horizontal positional accuracy has not been verified by GeoPlan This data is provided 'as is' and its vertical positional accuracy has not been verified by GeoPlan None.

Please check sources, scale, accuracy, currentness and other available information. Please confirm that you are using the most recent copy of both data and metadata. GIS data available in FGDL is collected from various state, federal, and other agencies data sources who are data stewards, producers, or publishers. It also started a dialogue, which is what I wanted—information not just coming from the top down, but from the bottom up.

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One area we found could be improved was exemption compliance. Were people really entitled to their exemptions? Were homestead exemptions being misused? How many appraisers do you have working for you? We have about , parcels in Duval County. Of that, about 35, are commercial and the remainder are residential. On the commercial side we have seven appraisers not counting their manager , and on the residential side we have 13 appraisers. We also have seven appraisers who appraise personal property and tangible assets that are not real estate. There are low-income and high-income areas, so our appraisers get a wide variety of property types to appraise.

Jacksonville is the largest city in Duval County. Are there other notable regions or districts within the county that are important from a property-tax standpoint? Then we have four other small townships, two school districts, and two state taxing districts.

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By contrast, Miami-Dade has close to 30 tax districts, just in municipalities. Do you engage in any special types of public outreach to get the message out about how your office works? One is to identify ourselves. Another thing I did was have staff make up a door hanger to let people know that we came by and why.

I put my cellphone number on the door hanger, even though my staff thought I was going to get overwhelmed with phone calls. But the truth is, I get maybe five or six calls a week, and people actually appreciate it.