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This is why you need to review your individual state law to know what will be included in your background check.

How to Use the Information Collected in a Background Check

Learn more about the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Yes, Caregiverlist offers you the ability to purchase your own background check from the leading provider in the industry.

View Services by State. Our Standards of Quality Not all background checks are created equal.

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For example, juvenile criminal convictions cannot be reported, and credit bureaus do not generally keep records on minors. Also, because minors cannot legally give consent to a contract, any permission a minor gives to an employer to conduct a background check is invalid. For example, in Texas, contracts with minors are voidable, so any permission given to conduct a background check would not be valid.

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AccuSource keeps you up to date on the changing legal landscape of marijuana laws. The horrors of skipping the background check and making a frighteningly bad hire.

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Let us help you build a custom criminal background screening program. Average Turnaround Time: 1.

Employment Unable to Verify Rate: 2. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Vermont State Employment Laws. See the statute here for more information.

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go? (2018 Version)

Ban the Box: Use of criminal record only after applicant meets minimum employment qualifications Effective July 1, This law takes a step back from the current trend in ban-the-box. It does not limit inquiry as to any particular interview. It just prohibits the question being on the application form. Notable Exceptions: The law excludes the following companies and allows them to keep the box on their application forms.

North Carolina

Questions on the application must be limited to those offenses that will disqualify the individual per law or regulation. The exclusion is not lost because the employer or affiliate can request a waiver from the regulators to permit the employment of a specific person. These provisions appear to be directly related to securities, financial and banking employers.