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I select a tree to use, it goes to the next screen, I slide the tab to on, i think and then nothing happens. Save button is not highlighted, only cancel button is. Thankfully, if you have it, it will continue to function and add to it regularly. Because the app was only as good as the trees submitted by users. And now that Ansestry has grown so large a huge number of those trees are inaccurate with no sources.

To many people just adding other peoples work to their own trees without checking if it is correct. I have had many matches but only very few turn out to be a match when doing a correct check up one line and Dow the other.. I have not received any new hints in about 6 months! My half sisters name was put in my account with her Garher! I changed it back to my name! It seems to have gone dormant! Can anyone help me figure out how to get it working again? It is still working for me. Just go a new one today.

I had to update the app with my new password when I changed it as follows: Click the three vertical dots on the left. Then click settings.

Lots of things there. Make sure your username and email are what you have on ancestry then scroll down and sign out and then sign back in again. We have fun with it but do not use it on my trees. It sends me names for 4 different trees and I keep a list. Just work on your trees a little more and they should start sending more names. Good luck. I had over ancestors that were correct, on my side, in my tree. The app stopped giving me hints, so I removed the icon from my iPhone a couple of months ago.

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I made my tree public in Ancestry. I got over 20 new hints of actual friends in my DNA group on Facebook. My Facebook friends confirmed almost all of the hints matched their trees. The app also helps me when I have a dead end ancestor, by suggesting new ancestors for that line. My friend searched for it and so did I. It says sorry about the inconvenience. Hi Kitty Cooper. Thanks for this article.

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She contacted me 5 years ago, and introduced me to DNA genealogy via her help page. You mention geni. What about wikitree? And, there used to be something called oneworldtree, i think. I sent my request to Kelly Wheaton by email, since this thread is dormant or my question is not clear, or of much interest. Will reply to myself if I discover anything useful. These are all derived by Ancestry sonehow maybe preparing for ThruLines? I understand Ancestry discontinues this app. What a shame! It is so interesting. My question is if they discontinued it how come it keeps adding people?

Is it fully AI with a computer churning the info? Or are humans somehow supervising and continuing it?

How I found out I was related to pretty much every celebrity

Mine does not seem to be working. I have had the app since it first started and it is working fine. I test every line against what I have proven and so many are correct it is astounding. Shirley, Well the app solved a DNA connection I had wondered about, a facebook friend with a one segment match we we had guessed was from Seljord, Telemark, Norway. It shows a 9th cousin path for us that seems accurate! However there are a few celebrities with ancestors named Lars Olson that are improperly matched with one of my many ancestors of that name! Most however seem accurate. Had app downloaded.

It's worth making a tree in Ancestry and downloading the app. That's slightly different from what OP's asking, at least I think. I was under the impression that he was looking for famous DNA matched relatives who have used the service themselves.

If you've got European ancestry and a solid bit of genealogy done, we can probably demonstrate that we're related. I did that just now. I'm 8 cousins 3 times removed from Donald Trump and 7 cousins 4 times removed from Michael Jackson! You may be related to them, even Cristiano Ronaldo. My first cousin,eight times removed is Benjamin Franklin. Now my wife says I'm just an idiot!!!

It primes our most inner bureau, as though we know something already. A zip file of echoes. Our drawers fill, layering over it, as we respond to each life experience, in real time. Hi, as a fanatic researcher, I have to say. Genealogy answers questions. It creates order from chaos. I grew up a poor white kid whose parents were divorced, and it was confusing. I am grateful for Genealogy helping makes sense of the crazy tangled mess of Family.

I love History, Logic, and Collecting Data. Idk why. But I just ran with it at 18, and now at 48, I am still in love with this hobby. My family might smirk, but who do they call for help with their kids projects, with obits, with questions. And you best believe I have planted seeds, and nourished future Genealogist.

Find Out If You Are Related To Anyone Famous at OneGreatFamily

If you ever read ads placed in newspapers by formerly enslaved African-Americans looking for their parents, siblings and children post slavery, you would understand why many of us do genealogy research and DNA testing today. This is not just a hobby or fad. We are still looking for our families in I understand completely.

My children are African American, and I have already gathered some preliminary sources and contacts in case they want to pursue their ancestors and relatives when they're old enough. I plan to help them as much as I can. I am a genealogist, so of course, my take away from all of this is that you have ancestors from Sangamon County, IL, and one was an abolitionist. My husband's ancestors were from Sangamon County, and one was an abolitionist. That raises a few questions. I'm hoping, Galt. I'm having a bit of a hard time understanding your motivation for writing this piece.

It feels more like an outlet for a personal vendetta against genealogy or genealogists than an actual consideration of meaning. You spend the whole piece tearing down those who find interest and meaning in genealogy as either foolishly putting stock in something that is meaningless or not being intelligent enough to understand it. Then you drop in at the last moment that you in fact, find interest in your family history, as though we're supposed to think "oh he's one of us, we should trust his opinion".

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Though you purport to find meaning or interest in your family history at the end, the rest of the piece makes it clear that you do not. With all due respect, just because you don't understand the value of something doesn't make it meaningless.

It's not your place to diminish the meaning that others may get from this type of research. Of course there are people who don't understand DNA and it's evolving nature, people who aren't researchers and don't understand how to weed through misleading records, and people who want to "collect" notable relatives.

Related to a Celebrity??

However, diminishing genealogy because of the prevalence of "pop genealogists" again is missing the point. I won't speak to the African-American experience as it's not my own and someone else in this thread has already done so, however I can speak to the Jewish experience. There are countless Jews in the world who have reconnected with lost family members through the research of genealogy.

Through the research of myself and others, hundreds of members of my family from the last 4 generations from at least 6 different countries have reconnected, most of us having no idea the others even existed a few short years or even months ago. For a people who were spread all of the world fleeing pogroms, then the Red Army, the Nazis, and their Lithuanian collaborators, history has taken our family away from us and genealogy has brought it back. To think that genealogy doesn't have a place in understanding and processing identity, grief, and trauma is myopic.

I'm just introducing caveats to keep in mind, no more, no less, to help genealogy in a larger context.

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