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I live in Texas and have had my maiden name as my middle name on my drivers license only. For personal reasons I would like to put my middle name back on my license instead.

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On all other legal documents its first, middle and married name. How can I get my licence changed back. You could try, but it's unlikely to be approved unless you have a document e. We are getting married in July in California and i am going to take his surname. I am Chinese and hoping to combine my Chinese middle name from 2 words into 1. California's name change allowances are quite flexible, but are tigher for middle name changes. What you're proposing isn't recognized under California's Name Equality Act. When you fill out the marriage license application, the county clerk will transcribe your answers onto a blank marriage license form.

If you omit the space, they'll notice it doesn't match your ID. Well, they should notice it.

State of Ohio marriage name change question. I got married in January of this year and went to the SSO to change my name. The woman made a mistake in changing my name, as the entire process was done verbally I would highly not recommend doing that. What is the proper way of going about this?

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I called the Social Security hotline and they were not helpful and I don't know how to do this! Please help! Hi Katie. Have you tried returning to the SS office to get your record amended? You can cite the clerk's mistake as justification. There is a form that you can download from the SS website. It is the regular basic application form they use for everything, SS Print it out and fill it in the way you want your name to be before you take it into the SS office.

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Take as many forms of ID that you have as well as your marriage certificate, and birth certificate if you have it handy. Ask for a name correction and tell them they made a mistake. They usually have the forms in the office also. Hello — In DC, do you know if I need a court order to make my maiden name my second middle name? When I got married I took my husbands last name for my New last name and kept my middle name. I now want my maiden name as my middle name. Hi Rash. If you've already completed a name change, you'll have to go to to court to change it again. I am getting married next month and I live in GA.

I found out last year I am 46 years old who my biological father is but he is not listed on my birth certificate and I never had his last name. When I complete my marriage license and enter the name I plan to go by can I use his last name as my middle name as I would if it were my maiden name?

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  • First name, dad's last name, new husband's last name. No, that wouldn't work. The probate court clerk wouldn't accept it, as it wouldn't match the name on your ID. Hello, This question was sort of asked, but I wanted to check in to make sure I understand. I was married in and live in CO. I went to the social security office with the intent to change my last name and was told that only first and last name matters to them, not my middle name.


    Is that true? Should I have pushed to change my middle name to maiden name? Note, my marriage certificate was signed with my unmarried name, there was no where to indicate new name. As of now, the social security office is processing my name as FirstName GivenMiddleName HusbandsLastName but I would like to change my middle to maiden or have two middle names.

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    Would I now have to petition the court? You could have added a name or used your maiden name. You could have. It's understandable why you didn't, considering the clerk's ambiguity. You can try to visit a local office to see if they can intercept the change before it goes through, but it's unlikely to work.

    It may already be finished. You can take a look at the Colorado name change or social security name change articles for more information, but you'll probably have to petition the court. Hi Valera, thank you for your response. I went back to the social security office and they were able to intercept the change, fortunately! Now, onto all the other name change processes! Go into the SS office in person and request the name format you want. Tell them they made a mistake and you were not given the correct information from their employee.

    They don't "count" the middle name as part of the legal name, only first and last, so you can put anything in the middle name spot provided you have some kind of documented proof of "ownership" of the name, like for instance your maiden name, or a former last name if you were previously married or widowed , or maybe even an informal document showing another middle name from say a religious event.

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    Take your marriage certificate and any current ID. My husband is military. I changed it with SS and it states my maiden as middle on my passport. My middle initial on my military dependant ID even matches my maiden name. All of my previous licenses also states my maiden as my middle name. They gave me a hard time because my birth certificate and marriage license have my given middle name on them. She said something about needing a name change but ultimately used my passport and issues my license with the maiden as middle. Do I need to do a legal name change? How do I do one? Do I do it here in AZ?


    If I knew this was such an issue, I would have left my given middle name instead of trying to honor my family by adopting my maiden name as my middle name. Hi Lauren. Since your name change was successfully processed, you needn't worry about it.

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    You're done. A similar issue happened to me in Washington State. I've been married almost 25 years and when I went to renew my license I brought everything with me to get an enhanced license our state's real id. Everything I have is first-maiden-married. The clerk tried to tell me I need to get a court order to change my name to first-birth middle-married.

    I argued, had a hissy-fit and requested a supervisor, who ultimately sided with me because I had a passport. Now I'm paranoid to go back there in a few years, afraid of getting a notice in the mail, etc. It really shouldn't be like this…. I just obtained a California Real ID. My previous driver's license had my first name, middle name, maiden name and married last name.

    I was told yesterday I could only have one last name. My name had to appear exactly as it was on my birth certificate first and middle name and my last name could be my maiden name or married last name, but not both. Even though my social security card has both last names, he said they had to be compliant and show the name transition on legal documents. He did not answer my question about the social security card, but it appears the Federal Government has it's own set of rules.

    Even though my driver's license had my married name, I had to show my marriage certificate to keep my husband's last name. Here are the documents I needed in California to obtain a real ID and change my address:. I had to show my marriage certificate to keep my husband's last name. Here are the documents I needed in California to obtain a real ID and change my address. Hi , I am in PA and i got married. I applied for my green card with my maiden name as a middle name. They accepted it and my social security too.