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Benefits of Tax-Exempt Number

This guide overviews and includes the special tax-exempt language a c3 nonprofit organization must include as part of its articles of incorporation. Create a Free Account Our free account and tools will help you get started and maintain your business. First Name.

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Last Name. Minimum 8 characters long At least 1 capital and lowercase letter At least 1 number At least 1 special character. How to Do Business in Oklahoma.


How do I get a permit to move my mobile home or change the title of my mobile home? Do I have to assess my personal property?

Where do my property taxes go? He or she must list and maintain records on all real and personal property in the county and then determine the fair market value of that property. To qualify for this exemption, you must be the record owner and residing on the property on January 1 of the current year.

Understanding Agricultural Tax Exemptions

Applications are available in our office, we can also email or mail you the application. The income level varies from year to year and is set by the State of Oklahoma. No, the only exemption that needs to be applied for every year is the Double Homestead, unless you move or change title to the property. We do send out a homestead verification typically at the beginning of the year, this is just to help us keep our records as accurate as possible.

Tax Entity Exemption Certificates

Any person who has a farming operation, or who is raising animals or crops for human consumption or profit can qualify. Dozens of exemptions have been added through the years including newspapers and periodicals, radio stations, television stations, cable television systems, motion picture production companies, advertising, aircraft and motor vehicle leases, high-quality child-care centers. There's an exemption for eggs, feed, supplies, machinery and equipment purchased by worm, fish or insect farmers.

Another covers the sale of gold, platinum, palladium or other bullion stored within certain depositories. The biggest agricultural exemptions cover the sale of livestock, animal feed and farm machinery. Mike Spradling, president of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, said it's the difference between profit and loss for many farmers. Then there's the exemption for the sale of railroad track spikes manufactured and used in the state. That exemption benefits the sales of only one such company: Gerdau, owner of Sand Springs Rail Products, which employs 25 people.

Homestead Exemption & Other Property Tax Relief | Logan County, OK

Gerdau spokeswoman Kim Selph said the exemption was part of a package to entice Gerdau's predecessor to move its operations from Texas. Other exemptions target dues paid to fraternal, religious, civic, charitable or education organizations.

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While the exemptions may be small potatoes to the state, they can be critically important to charities. When the Legislature gets through reviewing the exemptions, Seney said he suspects it will decide not to change much.

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One of the biggest beneficiaries of sales-tax exemptions in Oklahoma is government. Sales to the federal government are also exempt from the sales taxes, keeping the state in line with a U. Supreme Court ruling that the state cannot tax the federal government. Federal contractors, federally funded facilities, counties, cities, school districts, rural water districts, port authorities, state colleges, state parks, bordering states and their political subdivisions, state and county fairs, public libraries, volunteer fire departments and school cafeterias all enjoy sales-tax exemptions.