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VIN CHECK - Get Vehicle History Report (Useful When Buy A Used Car)

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By combining a vehicle history report with an inspection from a third-party mechanic, and a good test drive, consumers are finding it much easier to make an informed decision about used cars. The first thing to consider when choosing which vehicle history reporting service is best for you is where they get their data from.

While all vehicle history reports rely on government agencies like state departments of motor vehicles and the Office of Odometer Fraud Investigation, others go above and beyond to include dealerships, auction houses, service stations, and many other databases that are much closer to the actual vehicle than a government agency. Carfax is one of the most well-known services in this industry that utilizes as many sources as possible for vehicle histories. Many dealers offer a free Carfax or other vehicle history report when selling a used vehicle. In fact, most manufacturers offer a free vehicle history report with their certified pre-owned programs as well.

In addition to the two big names in vehicle history, services like InstaVIN and VIN Audit offer consumers a way to double check information for more reasonable prices. Another thing that is very important to remember is that the vehicle history report is only one tool in buying a used car.

Consumers should never, ever skip the third-party inspection or the test drive when considering a used car. What else? Carfax draws the records about vehicles that have been manufactured after , so the reporting digs deep and covers not only cars from the U. Naturally, you have to pay for this. But the information provided is well marked and structured. However, when checking out a used vehicle, car buyers should not depend on Carfax alone.

Carfax only lists data reported to them, so consumers should not consider this report as a full accident history. Neither Carfax nor any other source is able to detect unreported accidents or show how well the vehicle was kept. Consumers can only rely on facts that were recorded and make their own conclusions.

What are the Benefits?

In our opinion, Carfax is a well-developed tool that can help you receive all important information using many different sources. Thus, if the car you are looking at had a reported accident or visited a car repair center, Carfax is most likely the one not to miss it. The site began its operation in , thus claims to know the exact needs of used car buyers. Interestingly, the reports of cars from the US and Canada are run through Autocheck , which is among the leading VIN checking platforms.

However, from here comes the drawback, because autoDNA often splits car history data into several paid reports based on the country from which the car was imported. This often results in inconvenience and additional costs for website users. If you're looking for an alternative of significant car history data, autoDNA can offer you a responsive and informative website, precise information, and reasonable price.

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Each autoDNA car background report includes essential mileage data, prior registrations, accidents, damages, and sometimes even bodywork records from unreported accidents. The platform checks millions of records and is able to provide information from the world's biggest suppliers of vehicle history. While in some countries autoDNA is not yet recognized as a VIN checking service with the highest reputation, it can still efficiently serve as a fairly trusted alternative for some used car buyers.

From , all on-road vehicles must have character-long VIN, which lets to identify an exact car, commercial vehicle, motorcycle, bus, truck, trailer, etc.

Usually, they tell all the data the VIN checking platform was able to find out from its sources. It depends on the VIN checking platform. However, they often use both national, private or international institutions registries, car dealers, car auctions, insurance, leasing databases, various paid APIs, etc. Best VIN decoders Always check used car before buying it Using a high-quality VIN decoder is the best way to find out the full history of the vehicle.

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S, Canada and part of Europe Information from over , distinct sources. Reliable information sources Useful features Partnership with Autocheck More than 4 trillion records for more than half a billion cars Fair pricing.