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If both parties are not able to come to an agreement regarding the terms of the divorce, then this is known as a contested divorce, which usually goes to trial. At the divorce hearing, the judge will hear both sides of the case and the testimony presented by the lawyers of both the parties and also review the witnesses and evidence. The judge will take a decision on all the disputed issues before issuing the final divorce order which finalizes the divorce. If your spouse and you agree on all the terms and conditions of the divorce like division of property and debts , alimony and child custody and support, then you qualify for an uncontested divorce.

An uncontested divorce is not only easier, but it is also significantly cheaper too compared to a contested divorce. If your spouse and you have agreed on some of the issues but not all of them and you want to work together to resolve the issues peacefully and efficiently, then you can consider mediation to try and work out the disputed issues. By completing the process on your own, you can save both time and money. You will require more than one packets of forms to file and finalize your divorce.

A Washington Divorce Case From Petition to Decree

The number of packets you require depends on your specific case. You must read the Filing packet very carefully and determine what are the packets you will need to file your divorce. If you and your spouse agree on all the issues and do not have minor children from the marriage, then you can use these guided interviews that will ask you questions regarding your marriage and once you answer them, your divorce forms will be assembled.

Or, if you are filling out the forms on your own, take time and fill the forms carefully and legibly without any mistakes. Once you have completed the forms, you can sign them and file them at the county court where you or your spouse resides along with the appropriate filing fee. You can make use of an online divorce service to complete your Petition for Dissolution of Marriage for a divorce in Washington.

The online service will prepare all your documents required to file for divorce as per your circumstances, in a format that will be accepted by the Washington court.

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You need to answer questions about your marriage and the online service will prepare the divorce documents for you. You can then print the forms and file your divorce petition with the court clerk along with the filing fee. Using an online divorce service can help to save you time and money. You need to clarify the issues of the spousal support as early as possible in order to understand how things can be later. In the Washington State, all the property that the couple possesses can be divided into two points: marital property and separate one.

Marital property can be shared by the spouses after the divorce process, but the separate property may not be shared because it belongs only to one of the spouses. The spouses should agree on the particular property division or convert the divorce process into the Contested one.

The following factors will be considered in arranging the division of the common property:. The court makes a decision according to the facts and evidence given by the spouses, so try to calculate together the property and your personal share. The Mediation is the proceeding, which helps people to come to the agreement. The Mediation is a rather easy event, the judge appoints the time of the Mediations. The negotiations can repeat several times until you finally discuss everything. In case of the Contested divorce, the court will not approve the divorce without the mediation process.

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You should apply to the police, make notes in the local newspapers or journals, ask the relatives of the missing spouse to give you any information, etc. The court will support you in the searching attempts. In the Washington State, the Default divorce means that one of the spouses has no desire to answer the Petition for the divorce process and anyway tries to avoid going to the court. In such a case, the court is simply bound to arrange the final hearing without the spouse rejecting the whole proceeding.

You have to file these papers with the Supreme Court. As we have already agreed with you, the Default divorce has many complications, moreover, the Default divorce will cost a bigger sum of money. The No-Fault Uncontested divorce is much easier in such a case. The waiting period for the Uncontested divorce in the Washington State is 90 days, the waiting period of the Default divorce can be much longer, approximately days. The fee for the attorney also varies according to the term of the whole proceeding.

Finally, both divorces will get the Divorce Decree, but anyway, if you are choosing the divorce type right now, it is better to choose the No-Fault one. Your task is to represent yourself with the dignity. The annulment of the marriage is a slightly another proceeding as opposed to the divorce. The annulment is not a marriage termination, but the total agreement that the marriage has ever taken place. The grounds for such a process can be like these:. And other grounds may be regulated by the court.

After the annulment process, the spouses have to agree about the child custody, property division, and other aspects attentively, because, regarding the Washington State, after the annulment of the marriage the common children can be supported only by the mother. Unlike other States, Washington allows such a proceeding. The main difference between the legal separation and the divorce process is that the separation does not mean the end of the legal marriage. The spouses can live independently, but not finish their marriage in the court.

It is rather convenient because you do not need to divide the property. Of course, you should agree with each other about the terms of the child custody and the spousal support, but this process is far faster than the divorce. The Supreme Court in Washington does not specify any particular period for the spouses to live independently before the legal divorce itself. Since Washington allowed the same-sex couple a domestic partnership, that is not a legal registration.

The same-sex couples have to apply to the court with the Petition for the legal cohabitation and have to go through the special process before the court allows them to stay together legally. The end of the domestic partnership is also the legal process that needs a separate kit of the documents, which is different in each county of the Washington State.

To have a military divorce, you need to comprehend the same proceeding as the usual divorce process see the information above. After you serve the spouse, the proceeding totally repeats the regular divorce process. The terms, waiting periods, cost of the divorce are absolutely the same. The divorce with a spouse who is currently in a jail has the similar steps as any other divorce. To serve your spouse with all the documents and forms, you need to send them by post, deliver them by yourself, etc.

If you meet all the residency requirements and prepare all the documents correctly, the court hearing will be appointed anyway, with or without the presence of your spouse. Court filing fees are in addition to the cost of using DivorceFiller. This cost may vary by county. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount. In the Washington State, the fee can be waived, but only if you give the appropriate documents to the court that prove your disability to pay the divorce cost.

You will have to show your total monthly income, your tax rate, debt sum and else. If the court approves your documents, your fee will definitely be waived. Washington Courts follow a no-fault system. A spouse does not have to prove wrongdoing such as cruelty or adultery to get a divorce. The summons commands the other spouse to respond to the petition and provides contact information for the Court.

The petition for dissolution may be filed jointly if both spouses agree to the divorce and related terms. Courts also generally require the petitioner file additional documents e. Every situation is different and parties are encouraged to seek legal counsel to determine how the petition for dissolution should be prepared. Service of process generally requires physical delivery to the respondent by a third party who is 18 years or older and not a party to the legal action.

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Ensuring proper service of process is a critical component of the case. Consult with legal counsel to ensure you comply with the laws governing service. If served in Washington, the respondent has 20 days and if served outside Washington, the respondent has 60 days to respond.

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The petitioner may seek entry of an order of default without notice to the respondent after failure by the respondent to file a timely response. An order of default will be limited to the requested relief in the petition.

Filing for Divorce in Washington State

If the spouses do not agree, both spouses are authorized to file motion asking a Judge or Court commissioner to decide the disputed terms following a hearing. If the spouses agree on the terms of their divorce, how long must they wait before seeking entry of a decree of dissolution? Washington requires a waiting period of 90 days before entry of a decree of dissolution.

The 90 day period begins to run after the summons and petition have been filed and served upon the other spouse. Unless the parties reach an agreement, it is likely the legal proceeding will take much longer than 90 days. A marriage is not ended until the Court signs final orders, including a decree of dissolution, together with findings of fact and conclusions of law.

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If the parties have minor children, a final parenting plan and final order of child support are also necessary.